Hodges Pastor Jerry Hodges (2006-present)

Pastor Jerry Hodges (2006-Present) is the current pastor of the Truelight Missionary Baptist Church. He has provided the church with a new vision and purpose through the guidance of Jesus Christ. His ministry goals consist of evangelizing the uncoverted to Christ, developing and growing disciples of Christ, and equiping the congregation to become workers for Christ. He humbly walks before God in obedience to him. He desires to live a life that is pleasing in the eye sight of God. He allows his light to shine before men that they may see his good works and glorify the heavenly father.


 Pastor C. L. Clopton (1915-1962)

Pastor Riley C. Clopton (1915-1962) had been the pastor of truelight for 47 years. He was known to be a great leader, teacher, and humanitarian. He was instrumental in helping the church to find a permenant resident at 3828 James Cool Papa Bell, Saint Louis, MO. 63106. He established a sunday night broadcast that became known around the community. His catch phrase that he used in the broadcast was "Get your Bibles-Dust them off."

 Pastor Walter Lee Amos (1962-1964)

Pastor Walter Lee Amos (1962-1961) was a gifted speaker who was instrumental in growing the church. He served True Light for almost 2 years.

 Pastor Willie W. Wright (1964-1966)

Pastors Willie W. Wright (1964-1966) was instrumental in helping to establish a church paper called, "The Voice of True Light." He served True Light for 2 years.

Pastor Stanley Howlett (1967-2001)

Pastor Dr. E. Stanley Howlett (1967-2001) was viewed as a visionary. He was instrmental in establishing an add on addition of the church called Clopton Hall. He help in the development of several ministers who are still pastoring today. He initiated several programs to help educate christians in understanding expectation and behavior. He develop community outreaches that help to spread God word throughout the community.

 Pastor C. A. Thompson (2002-2005)

Pastor Cory Allen Thompson (2002-2005) was a dynamic exciting preacher who promoted fellowship within the congregation. The church membership increased substantially under Pastor Thompson.


Reverend Percy McCullen Was instrumental in helping the church to move forward in 2001 as the church searched for a pastor. He served as Minster in charge until 2002. He was known for his saying of "Thus say the Lord."


Reverend Mark C. Peterson served as an interim Pastor in 2005 while the church searched for another pastor.


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