In 1901, the birth concept for True Light Missionary Baptist Church was the vision of Christians: Laura Coleman, John Slaughter, Morse (Last name unknown), Eliza Williams-Holden, Laura Bowels, and Jim Williams. Reverend Jim (last name unknown) joined the True Light church as the first as Pastor. Jim Williams began the church first deacon and Laura Coleman became the first mother of the church. Mother Coleman named the church True Light. The church first home was at 109 S. 10 Street Saint Louis, Missouri. The church moved for a second time to 14th and Popular Street, Saint Louis, Missouri. As the church grew, the third location was chosen at 201 S 16th Street Saint Louis, Missouri.

From 1909 to 1915, Reverend James, Reverend Hooper, and Reverend Absent had serviced as pastor of the church. In 1915, Reverend Riley C Clopton became the pastor. He served as pastor until 1962. In 1920, True light moved into the building at 201 S 16th Street. This building was purchased by the government at a later date, and True light moved again for the fourth time to 1240 Glasgow Street where they fellowship in a building that was occupied by another congregation. The congregation could not relocate, so Truelight moved to a temporary location at 22nd and Franklin Street. In 1946, True light decided to build a new church. Construction begun in 1948 at 2838 James Cool Papa Bell, Saint Louis, Missouri. True Light members became having church in the basement of the building in 1949. True light radio board cast started after they entered the new building. Reverend Clopton was known on the board cast for his phrase "Get Your Bibles and Dust Them Off."

Reverend Walter Lee Amos served as pastor from 1962 to 1964. Reverend Willie E Wright served as pastor from 1964 to 1966.

Reverend Dr. E. Stanley Howlett became the pastor in 1967. He would serve as pastor till 2001. Reverend Howlett helped the church to add on Clopton Hall to the church in 1972. Under Reverend Howlett's leadership, several ministers were ordained and pastor other churches. Reverend Howlett brought into the church new visions and opportunities that helped the church to grow.

Rev. Dr. Percy McCullen was appointed Minister in charge in 2001. In 2002, Reverend Cory Allen Thompson became the pastor. In 2005, Reverend Mark C. Peterson served as interim pastor. In 2006, Reverend Jerry Hodges became the pastor. Pastor Hodges has served for five years and is still serving today. He is a gifted preacher, musician, and teacher.

The growth of True Light Missionary Baptist Church has had a profound effect on the lives of its members and the community. The souls that were led to Christ through the church have been many over its 102 years of existence. Mother Coleman quoted Mathew 5:16: let our light shine so that others will see and glorify our father who is in heaven." True light continues to this day letting its light shine.

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